Recluse Community Trust

Serving Northern Campbell County and the Recluse area

       Our Mission is to utilize the assests of the trust for public benefit and for the encouragement of historical, educational, charitable and literary activities

The Trail So Far:

Late in 2004, the Pleasant Hour Ladies Club and several community members formalized ideas to attach indoor restrooms to the existing hall.  On Dec. 27th, 2004 The Recluse Community Trust (RCT) was formed as a 501c non-profit group for that express purpose.Intial renovation plans

            A 23’ X 54’ addition that included a conference room, storage, men’s and women’s restrooms and an extension for the kitchen was designed, with the help of Tim Belton.  Fundraising for the $427,000 addition was immediately begun.  Sue Wallis spearheaded efforts to seek a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and donations from the local energy companies and banks.  With extensive help from the community members  the RCT succeeded in raising more than $111,000 from businesses and $28,000 from personal donations. 

            Late in 2006, the RCT was notified that the Wyoming Business Council would award us a $300,000 CDBG grant.  The project was put out to bid, Bob Fulton and Back Again Restoration was the only bid received.  We moved forward with the procedure to sign a contract.  In January of 2008 Bob Fulton informed us he was unable to get bonding and was no longer interested in the project.

            We did some calling and got some cost estimates that shocked us.  In the interim the costs had risen; a much needed new roof would cost $200,000, the addition $333,000 and the wrap around deck $100,000.   This totaled $630,000, $200,000 more than we had funds available.  So the RCT went back to the drawing board and putting the project out to bid with some major revisions.

            In May of 2008, we signed a contract with Dale Buckingham Architects LLC, to serve as architects and oversee contractors. We chose Rosebud Log homes out of South Dakota as a general contractor and began the price negations, design and permitting process.

            In June of 2009, the existing metal roofing was removed and Y Environmentals removed and disposed of the asbestos contaminated materials. Rosebud Log Homes then placed a vapor barrier over the remaining roof.

            On July 1, 2009 we signed a contract for $385,000.00 with Rosebud Log Homes, construction to begin later in the month. On July 22, 2009 we were informed Rosebud would be unable to get bonding for the contract as specified, they would need as much as $460,000.00 to complete the project. We decided to release them from their contract and begin the process over again.

            On July 24, 2009, the RCT met to discuss the viability of restoration verses new construction at a different location. We decided on advice from the Campbell County Commissioner to seek the community’s opinion on this matter.

            On Nov 10, 2009 the community met to discuss and decided the issue, their vote was a 73% majority for building of a new facility at the Ken Barbe arena. The next day the Recluse Petroleum Club officers were added as board members.

            On Nov 21, 2009, the board decided on a building size of 50’ X 100’ and started the bid process as we finished the design the interior layout.  As the grant money could not be used for new construction it was returned on Dec 21, 2009 to the Wyoming Business Council.

            On March 16, 2010 we met with the C.C. Commissioners to ask for $400,000 to build a community hall, they granted us up to $300,000. On the 18th, the warranty deed for the Ken Barbe Arena was transferred to the RCT from the Recluse Petroleum Club.

            In June the Recluse Community Hall was decommissioned. Its 76 years of stalwart service lives on in the hearts and memories of its people.

            On July 22, 2010 the bid process was concluded by choosing SS Construction of Gillette as our general contractor. July 29th, we signed a design contract with SS for $16,000 and began the design and permit phase again.

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